Current Prime Vault and Access Relic Locations

Prime Vault - Ember and Frost Prime

Prime Vault Relics

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Best Method 1
RelicEmberFrostLatronReaperSicarusGlaiveMissionRotationChance 2Time per Run 3Relics per Hour 4
Axi E1BPNeuropticsBarrelBPBladeCetus 40 – 60 BountyA, B or C25.68%151.03
Axi E1BPNeuropticsBarrelBPBladeFortuna 40 – 60 BountyA, B or C21.43%150.86
Axi E1BPNeuropticsBarrelBPBladeVoid – Marduk5.56%50.67
Lith G1SystemsChassisBPHandleBPVoid – Hepit14.29%24.29
Lith G1SystemsChassisBPHandleBPVoid – Teshub14.29%2.53.43
Neo S5NeuropticsSystemsReceiverBPReceiverDiscVoid – Ukko5.56%
Neo S5NeuropticsSystemsReceiverBPReceiverDiscVoid – Marduk5.56%
Neo S5NeuropticsSystemsReceiverBPReceiverDiscFortuna 30 – 50 BountyA, B or C16.48%
Neo S5NeuropticsSystemsReceiverBPReceiverDiscCetus 30 – 50 BountyA, B or C15.63%
Meso F2ChassisBPStockBladeBarrelVoid – Ukko5.56%21.67
Meso F2ChassisBPStockBladeBarrelFortuna 20 – 40 BountyA, B or C22.22%150.89
Meso F2ChassisBPStockBladeBarrelCetus 20 – 40 BountyA, B or C14.74%150.59
1 Only selects methods we consider best based on relics per hour statistics.
2 Chance is adjusted to reflect the accumulated % chance of obtaining a Relic if multiple rotations have it on drop table.
3 Time per run is based on our trial runs. It’s possible to go faster or slower depending on your loadout and skill.
4 Relics per hour accounts for time per run and chance of Relic to calculate the rate at which relics can be obtained.

Mesa Prime – Relics Locations & Farming

Table Options

Best Methods
RelicMesaMissionRotationChanceTime per Run (mins)Relics per Hour
Neo M2SystemsVoid – Ukko5.88%21.76
Neo M2SystemsVoid – Oxomoco5.88%31.18
Neo M2SystemsSedna – HydronA11.11%51.33
Lith M3NeuroVoid – Hepit16.67%25.00
Lith M3NeuroVoid – Teshub16.67%2.54.00
Neo Z2BPVoid – Ukko5.88%
Neo Z2BPVoid – Oxomoco5.88%31.18
Neo Z2BPSedna – HydronA11.11%51.33
Axi H4ChassisPluto – HieraconC9.68%
Axi H4ChassisSedna – HydronC15.33%

Akjagara Prime – Relics Locations & Farming

Table Options

Best Methods
RelicAkjagaraMissionRotationChanceTime per Run (mins)Relics per Hour
Meso A1BarrelVoid – Ukko5.88%21.76
Meso A1BarrelSaturn – HeleneA10.00%
Neo S9BPVoid – Ukko5.88%21.76
Neo S9BPVoid – Oxomoco5.88%31.18
Neo S9BPSedna – HydronA11.11%51.33
Meso M2LinkVoid – Ukko5.88%21.76
Meso M2LinkVoid – Oxomoco5.88%31.18
Axi L3ReceiverPluto – HieraconC9.68%6.50.89
Axi L3ReceiverSedna – HydronC15.33%200.46

Redeemer – Relics Locations & Farming

Table Options

Best Methods
RelicRedeemerMissionRotationChanceTime per Run (mins)Relics per Hour
Axi R2HandleSenda – HydronC15.33%
Axi R2HandleEris – XiniC23.44%170.83
Axi R2HandlePluto – HieraconC9.68%
Meso Z2BladeVoid – Ukko5.88%21.76
Meso Z2BladeVoid – Oxomoco5.88%31.18
Lith B6BPVoid – Hepit16.67%25.00
Lith B6BPVoid – Teshub16.67%2.54.00

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  1. This is really useful but am wondering if we can gave a option to see all primes in rotation locations

    1. Possion,
      Check out there is a “planner” on there that’s like this, but it has all prime items

  2. You should add a table that shows what type of mission it is, e.g: capture, survival etc.

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