Platinum Farming Guide

Update (12/10/18): This table and corresponding Platinum calculators are currently under construction, but are nearing completion. Please be patient with us as we add new methods along with calculators for each method and implement automatic pricing updates. You can view an example of our Platinum calculators by clicking on the “Archwing Interception” link in the table below.

Provided below are sortable tables you can use to find the best methods in game for obtaining Platinum. Keep in mind that Platinum is not a resource you can directly farm. Instead, you must obtain items of value that you can sell to other players using a service such as As such, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these numbers as market prices are always changing.

Some of these methods rely on selling items with low liquidity, meaning there is low trade volume which can result in both widely fluctuating prices and a long time to sell. Additionally, some methods rely heavily on one or two high value items with low drop rates. These types of methods won’t offer much platinum unless you continue them until you get a high value drop (e.g: Hive Sabotage). As such, we’ve included a column in the table called “Consistency.” Methods with high consistency are likely to provide the advertised Platinum value per hour while low consistency methods are less likely to do so.

This page is currently under construction. The numbers we have provided below are our best estimates, but do not automatically update. We intend to change this in the future, but for now be aware that some methods can have lower or higher profit per hour than shown below while we aren’t updating prices live. Thanks for understanding!

Grindable Methods

Methodper hourLatest PlanetQuest RequirementsOther RequirementsConsistency
Vault Runs71Orokin DerelictNoneDragon Key BlueprintsHigh
Lua Spy36LuaThe Second DreamNoneHigh
Hive Sabotage42ErisNoneNoneMedium
Archwing Exterminate93EarthThe ArchwingArchwingLow
Archwing Interception54UranusThe ArchwingArchwingLow
Void Relic Opening???AnyNoneVoid RelicsHigh

Time or Frequency Limited Methods (Non-Grindable)

Methodper timeFrequencyLatest PlanetQuest RequirementsOther RequirementsConsistency
Sorties18DailyAllThe War WithinMax Level GearHigh
High Value Alerts5 – 20RandomAllNoneNoneHigh
Syndicate (per 25k standing)10DailyAnyNoneMastery Rank 3High
Eidolon Hunting (2×3)93Cetus Night CycleEarthThe War WithinHigh Level GearHigh
Investing???VariousAnyNoneStarting PlatinumMedium
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