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Mesa Prime, Queen Gunslinger

Update (4/2/19): Mesa Prime Access has ended. We have a new guide on farming relics for Equinox Prime (the new Prime Access). This page may become obsolete and will not be updated. We recommend using the Wiki to identify the locations of existing Relics that provide Mesa Prime parts. You can still use the tables below to get an idea of what the fastest methods are for obtaining relics.

Mesa Prime Access is finally here! Mesa is one of the best Warframes in the game, easily earning the title of “S-Tier.” She can deal heavy damage, buff her squad, protect herself and crowd control enemies. What else could you ask for? If you’re looking to hunt down this legendary Warframe along with the Akjagara Prime and Redeemer Prime, look no further. We have provided tables below that show which relics you need and the best places to farm them.

Mesa Prime – Relics Locations & Farming

RelicMesaMissionRotationChanceTime per Run (mins)Relics per Hour
Neo M2SystemsVoid – Ukko5.88%21.76
Neo M2SystemsVoid – Oxomoco5.88%31.18
Neo M2SystemsSedna – HydronA11.11%51.33
Lith M3NeuroVoid – Hepit16.67%25.00
Lith M3NeuroVoid – Teshub16.67%2.54.00
Neo Z2BPVoid – Ukko5.88%
Neo Z2BPVoid – Oxomoco5.88%31.18
Neo Z2BPSedna – HydronA11.11%51.33
Axi H4ChassisPluto – HieraconC9.68%
Axi H4ChassisSedna – HydronC15.33%

Akjagara Prime – Relics Locations & Farming

RelicAkjagaraMissionRotationChanceTime per Run (mins)Relics per Hour
Meso A1BarrelVoid – Ukko5.88%21.76
Meso A1BarrelSaturn – HeleneA10.00%
Neo S9BPVoid – Ukko5.88%21.76
Neo S9BPVoid – Oxomoco5.88%31.18
Neo S9BPSedna – HydronA11.11%51.33
Meso M2LinkVoid – Ukko5.88%21.76
Meso M2LinkVoid – Oxomoco5.88%31.18
Axi L3ReceiverPluto – HieraconC9.68%6.50.89
Axi L3ReceiverSedna – HydronC15.33%200.46

Redeemer – Relics Locations & Farming

RelicRedeemerMissionRotationChanceTime per Run (mins)Relics per Hour
Axi R2HandleSenda – HydronC15.33%
Axi R2HandleEris – XiniC23.44%170.83
Axi R2HandlePluto – HieraconC9.68%
Meso Z2BladeVoid – Ukko5.88%21.76
Meso Z2BladeVoid – Oxomoco5.88%31.18
Lith B6BPVoid – Hepit16.67%25.00
Lith B6BPVoid – Teshub16.67%2.54.00

Our Favorite Farming Spots

Tier 1 (Hepit) and Tier 3 (Ukko) Void Capture missions are by far the best methods of farming Lith, Meso and Neo relics. You can complete them in under 2 minutes consistently and farm over 30 relics an hour with a good chance of getting several Mesa Prime relics. You can also consider Exterminate if you have a solid build for Equinox / Saryn that can run through the map quickly, but it is less consistent than Capture.

For Axi relics, we recommend doing Hieracon on Pluto since it’s faster than other methods and has decent rewards including Endo and Neo relics. This is a popular node on the Star Chart so you can easily join a squad and grind as long as you please. We suggest bringing a Stasis Limbo with max duration and slightly positive range. Max duration lets your Cataclysm last long enough to protect Excavator the whole time it’s powered. The slight amount of range is necessary as Mutalist Osprey power carriers are capable of damaging the Excavator through Cataclysm if they get close enough.

If you are in no rush to farm Relics, you can obtain Meso and Neo relics through Helene and Hydron respectively. These are popular areas to level gear so if you are looking to increase your Mastery or Forma some gear, consider these Defense missions so you can also get relics at the same time. We hope this quick guide and tables helped you with farming Mesa Prime. Once you have her, make sure to check out our Mesa Prime build guide so you can get the most out of your new Warframe. Good luck with those relics!

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  1. Sorry but Ukko is TERRIBLE for Neo Relics, you only get Meso there sure you can do it solo but it’s super rare meanwhile Xini will give you 2x neo Relics in the first two rounds almost 100% of the time so people are right. Xini is way way WAY better then what you have listed.

  2. Lith M3 is pain on hepit XD LOL zer0 relics

  3. Are the lith m3 relics still dropping from Hepit?

    I’ve been running it for a few days now without a single drop.

    Managed to get it to drop the day Mesa Prime was released and not a single one since.

    1. Lith M4 drops the Mesa Prime Neuroptics too. And that is a common drop

  4. Just got an Axi H4 on rotation B Hydron, might need to update your table.

    1. I understand it’s a bit odd, but the table already reflects that you can get it into Rotation B as well. The assumption is if you go to Rotation C, it provides you the accumulated chance of getting Axi H4 relic. If you’re going to go past Wave 10 (which few people do in Public Matchmaking), then it’s best to go to Wave 20 since Rotation C has a 9.68% drop rate while Rotation B only has a 6.25% drop rate.

  5. Thanks this was a great help

  6. 40 rounds in Hiercaon and no signs of an Axi H4

  7. Use volt in all the speed mods n u can get threw fast in yes nova quik to lol

  8. Fastest and the most efficient is speed volt
    I finish a capture solo in 52 sec

  9. “Queen of DPS”
    What a joke… She might be one of the best, but she is nowhere close to Queen Saryn; The Toxic Hyacinth; The Flower of Many Names. Your “queen” is my lifeless mannequin. Your queen will rot long before she can begin to hold a candle to The Poison Kiss.
    Should have called her “Queen of Guns”.
    That’d be accurate.

    1. Look you’re gonna have to cut us some slack – we weren’t being creative when making this post. Let’s say… Queen Gunslinger. Because like you, we are people of fine taste that enjoy the luxuries of Saryn wiping entire maps. Although we’d still take Mesa over Saryn once you get into insanely high levels…

      1. So true

  10. Try Mars Arval Grineer spy mission just get A or C done BUT do not fail B coz thats the vault hack that drops the Lith B6 or Lith M3

  11. Neo Relics: Void – Ukko or Sedna – Hydron (A rotation)

    Axi Relics: Pluto – Hieracon (C rotation) or Sedna – Hydron (C rotation)

    Lith Relics: Void – Hepit

    Void – Mot is also good

    Capture is faster but I have had more luck with defense as hydron drops 3 of the 4 relics. Also don’t forget your syndicate relic packs.

  12. I tried Ukko and made it in 1 min 2 secs , worth

  13. I have run Heiracon 22 times I have gotten none of these? WTH. Same thing at Ukko and Hepit in the void, am I doing something wrong?

    1. Just unlucky, sorry mate 🙁

  14. is there any use you can got get it sup there

  15. 2 hours and half i got 3 M2 3 Z2 1 M3 3 A1

    1. wich missions?

  16. Haha no

  17. Void – Mot got me a M2 and a Z2 on rotation A in one game. anyone know the chances of that

  18. been farming for about 2 hours on hepit and no M3 relic, am i just unlucky?

    1. 10 runs so far:

      1. you need atleast 15 pcs just to be sure

    2. yes

  19. B6 not b5

    1. Updated, thank you.

  20. Axi and Neo Relics are Best gotten on Xini, Eris
    Meso Relics are Best gotten on Io, Jupiter
    Lith Relics are most reliably earned in the Orokin Derelict Defense and Survival Missions.

    1. Xini is great, but slightly slower than Hieracon (about 5 – 10%). Although it’s much more consistent so if you get a bad squad at Hieracon, Xini will be faster. Tier 2 Defense (Io, Jupiter) is great for leveling + Relics, plus Io in particular has tons of Oxium but it’s slower than Void Capture. Void Capture is also faster for obtaining Lith Relics, although they don’t provide much benefit other than relics.

    2. eeeh no…5 min rounds will never be faster than a 2 min capture.

      1. 1 1/2 minute each run if you don’t get the change of plan to exterminate them.

      2. 1 min with Speed Volt

        1. The fastest speed run I had with Volt, from the moment I launched the mission till the moment I pressed “repeat mission” was 1:35. And that was a perfect run with a good tileset, turning every corner correctly, not getting knocked down, etc. I’d say the average speed run over the course of an hour, which inevitably includes the occasional objective changing to exterminate, is closer to 2:30 or more per run. Still faster than 5:00, but certainly no where near 1 min.

          1. With a 337% strength volt (2.68x speed multiplier) it is trivial to get a sub 1 minute time. Even less when you have a full squad with sprint boost.
            This is what I use for capture runs:

          2. I think they meant in-game time. Obviously when you factor in loading time etc, time is closer to what you experienced. My best mission time so far is 52 sec, plus about 25 sec of loading/restarting.

        2. Loki and sprint it almost as fast as speed volt

        3. 50 seconds with slide Nezha

          1. Lmao learn how to Nova… 30-40 second runs

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