How to Farm Garuda Warframe

How to get Garuda Blueprints

Garuda is finally in the game now as a part of the Fortuna update and fortunately farming her component blueprints isn’t difficult. First you’ll have to complete the Vox Solaris quest which grants you the Warframe blueprint and provides you access to Bounties. You can obtain each Warframe component from Vallis bounties which behave in a similar manner as bounties on the Plains of Eidolon.

Chassis – Lvl 5 to 15
Systems – Lvl 10 to 30
Neuroptics – Lvl 20 to 40

Don’t feel intimidated if you haven’t done Bounties before. A bounty is a multi-stage mission on the Vallis where you’ll be sent to a waypoint, complete an objective, receive a reward and then move onto the next waypoint and objective. Several of the objectives are done during the Vox Solaris quest so you’ll already have experience doing some of them. Each objective is a stage in the mission and each stage has its own reward probabilities. Fortunately the Garuda component parts all have a high probability of dropping:

  • Garuda Chassis Blueprint has 7.52% chance in Stage 2 and 30.56% chance in Stage 3 of Level 5 – 15 bounties
  • Garuda Systems Blueprint has 7.41% chance in Stage 2 and 22.22% chance in Stage 3 of Level 10 – 30 bounties
  • Garuda Neuroptics Blueprint has 12.50% chance in Stage 2 & 3 and 25% chance in Stage 4 of Level 20 – 40 bounties

Farming Garuda Mining Resources

Unfortunately, obtaining Garuda’s component blueprints is the easiest part. Each component requires its own set of Vallis unique resources to build and some of those resources will require you to increase your Solaris United syndicate rank. However, you can start farming the raw resources required at any point so here’s how you can get a headstart. The majority of Garuda’s component resources come from Mining on the Orb Vallis for ores and gems. Here’s a list of raw resources you’ll need:

– 40 Axidrol which refines to Axidrol Alloy

– 40 Travoride which refines to Travocyte Alloy

– 40 Venerol which refines to Venerdo Alloy

– 6 Amarast which refines to Star Amarast

– 3 Zodian which refines to Radiant Zodian

– 3 Thyst which refines to Marquise Thyst

The process of finding ores and gems is similar to the Plains of Eidolon. First you’re going to want to gain 2,500 standing with Solaris United so you can buy the relevant equipment. Farming the bounties required for the Garuda component parts will more than cover this. Once you’ve gotten enough standing, fast travel to Smokefinger in Fortuna and purchase the Sunpoint Plasma Drill.

Purchase the drill from Smokefinger – It has 60m range and is superior to Cetus tools on the Vallis.

Now the fun begins – it’s time to start mining for all the resources you’ll need to build Garuda. Add the Sunpoint Plasma Drill to your gear wheel by going to the Arsenal (you can do this while in Fortuna by hitting the escape menu  –> Equipment –> Arsenal). We recommend changing your public matchmaking to Solo so that you don’t irritate other players or have to deal with host migration bugs. Head out to the Orb Vallis (no bounty necessary).

How to Mine on the Orb Vallis

If you haven’t mined before, the process is simple. Open your gear wheel and equip the Sunpoint Plasma Drill. The drill will alert you of any mining veins within a 60 meter radius. You should find some mining veins right around the entrance to the Orb Vallis immediately. The drill constantly beeps, making louder and more frequent noises when you’re headed in the right direction. Pay attention to how far away the vein is (right side of screen) so you have an idea of how close you’re getting and survey your surroundings for mining veins.

Red ore vein with two areas to mine. Veins can have up to 3 spots to mine.

Once you find an red ore vein or blue gem vein, it’s time to start mining! Mining on the Orb Vallis is slightly different from mining on the Plains of Eidolon. First, you’ll want to aim down your sights at the vein which will reveal up to 3 blinking blue dots. You’ll want to aim your sights at one of these dots to start and HOLD down your fire button. Once you do this, a wheel will show up on your screen.

Single Mining Stop (Normal)
Two Mining Stops (Rare)

The wheel will fill up gradually as the drill heats up – Your goal is to stop it at the perfect level. The white box on the wheel represents the optimal place for you to stop drilling. Try to release the trigger as soon as the wheel fills up to the middle of the white bracket box. Occasionally, you’ll get two bracket boxes instead of one. The smaller bracket box will provide you an additional reward such as high quality gems if you’re able to stop on it. You can get multiple of these on the same vein which means it’s possible to get up to 3 or 4 rewards from a single vein. Repeat this process for each blue dot on the vein and you’ll be rewarded with ores / gems!

Best Place to Mine on Orb Vallis

We’ve done some searching throughout the Orb Vallis for the best places to mine and we only found one area that seemed notably better than the others. You will always find an abundance of veins in this cave regardless of whether or not you are using a resource drop chance booster. If you want, you can stay near the entrance to Fortuna as there are quite a few veins in that general area. However, we recommend checking out the area below:

Orb Vallis Mining Spot
The cave northwest of Transit Depot is one of the best, if not the best, mining spots in all of the Orb Vallis

This area has had a high concentration of mining veins and is relatively enemy light. We usually enter the cave through the entrance near the northwestern wall of Transit Depot (on outside). There is a Toroid spawn close to this entrance that you cannot miss if it spawns so keep an eye out for that while hunting down veins. We’ve noticed a few times where veins have gone high up on ceilings so be watchful for that if you are close to a vein and can’t seem to find it.

Once you’ve mined all the veins in the area, you can hit escape and exit to Fortuna while retaining all your ores and gems (if you get a Toroid, DON’T abort mission – It will not award you the Toroid). The mission progress screen shown after you return to Fortuna won’t show any items under mission rewards, but you’ll find all ores and gems there if you check your inventory. However, it’s safer to exit through the gate if you find a resource you desperately need (or a Toroid). Mining all the resources required for Garuda should take an hour or less.

How to Farm Toroids (Vega, Sola and Calda)


Toroids are rare drops you can find in caves or from any enemy at certain locations on the Orb Vallis, notably:

  • Vega Toroid drops from enemies near or inside Spaceport
  • Sola Toroid drops from enemies near or inside Temple of Profit
  • Calda Toroid drops from enemies near or inside Enrichment Lab

These areas are marked green on the map, although it’s worth noting that it is possible to get toroids even in areas that aren’t green in our experience as long as you’re closeby. For instance, you can get Calda toroids from enemies in front of the Enrichment Lab (as opposed to inside). However, you should probably stick to the green zones or extremely closeby until there is more clarity on exactly where toroids are able to drop.

Toroids can also spawn in caves which can be found throughout the Orb Vallis. Our Orb Vallis map shows every cave that can spawn Toroids for your convenience. We recommend you find Toroids by searching their spawn locations in caves rather than killing enemies. We have a full, detailed guide on how you can farm over 10 Toroids an hour (without boosters), so check that out for more details on farming Toroids.

Building Garuda

Once you have 2 of each Toroid along with the mining resources listed above, you will almost be ready to build Garuda. Unfortunately, there is a time-gate on how long it takes to obtain her since you need to buy almost all of the ore and gem refinement blueprints from Smokefinger. The Marquise Thyst blueprint requires the Cove title in the Solaris Syndicate, which is rank 4 (minimum of 141,000 Solaris United standing).

However, you have all the hard work out of the way and will be able to build her as soon as you gain enough Standing to obtain all the blueprints required! The last requirement after you build all 3 parts is 3,500 Kuva, which you can obtain either from Sorties, Kuva Siphons / Survivals or higher level Bounties. We hope this guide helped you and that you share your thoughts in the comments below. We also have a Garuda build guide available for once you finish building her, including a build with 0 Forma. Good luck with farming those toroids!

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