Enter the vibrant, neon-colored underground city of Fortuna. Help the rebellion cause by helping Solaris United fight against the tyranny of Nef Anyo, known for his predatory capitalism. Gain standing in the Syndicate to obtain many new rewards.
Explore the Orb Vallis, a new expansion area over 4 times larger than the Plains of Eidolon. Track down wildlife, venture into breath-taking caves, slaughter thousands of Corpus, take down giant spiders and more!
Ride the highly anticipated K-Drive and do incredible tricks. If being a cybernetic space ninja isn't enough for you, then perhaps reliving your Tony Hawk Pro Skater days might suffice. Brings a whole new meaning to "grinding"...
Dismember your enemies with the brand new blood-themed Warframe, Garuda. When you're extracting souls from unsuspecting foes and siphoning their life away, one could say all resistance against you is in vein.

Animal Tracking

Are you a full-fledged adult who still thinks poop is funny? Well you might have some trouble keeping it together tracking down some of these pesky animals found on the Orb Vallis, but you'll no doubt enjoy yourself! Hunting and rescuing animals on the Orb Vallis will provide you standing with Solaris United and may have other benefits as well.


An NPC in Fortuna named Rude Zuud will allow you to assemble new modular secondary weapons. Like Zaws, Kitguns will require three components to build and their stats will depend on the components used. Additionally, it's likely that Kitguns will also have unique Arcanes like Zaws with Exodias.

MOA Companion

Ever want a MOA for a pet? Well even if you haven't, you might as well pick one up and try it out! A new NPC in Fortuna named "Legs" will provide you the ability to build your own MOA companion and as you can see from the picture above, there are quite a few options available for customization. Break a leg!

is LIVE and we are all hyped as can be about the release! Stay tuned and bookmark this page for updates and guides on Fortuna-related content (home page will also have this content). We hope you enjoy the release as much as we will!
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