The Fastest Way to Farm Toroids

Update (09/08/2019): Several comments are stating the cave method is not working as it was historically so if you want more consistent results, consider doing the killing method listed further below. This post was written when Fortuna first came out so it’s more than possible DE changed the drop rates. Thanks!


Toroids are necessary for building the Garuda Warframe and for ranking up in the Vox Solaris syndicate located in the back room of Fortuna. There are three different types of Toroids: Calda, Sola, and Vega. You will need 2 of each type of Toroid for building Garuda and many Toroids to rank yourself up fully in the Vox Solaris syndicate. In this guide, we’ll cover the primary ways you can obtain Toroids along with our preferred method which averages over 10 Toroids an hour solo without boosters.

Speedrunning Caves

If you’re just looking to farm Toroids and want to get them as quickly as possible, the video above illustrates one of the fastest methods of obtaining them with no hassle. You should only do this method solo as it requires starting and aborting missions many times which is impossible in squads. While Volt and Itzel will make this method much faster, you can do this with any Warframe or Archwing. Mod Volt for maximum strength and moderate duration – Efficiency and range aren’t important. This is the build we use (zero Forma):

Aura choice doesn’t matter aside from increasing capacity. Maximize strength and duration as best as you can.

Step by Step

1. Run a short way out of entrance so your ability use isn’t blocked. Make sure you are Sprinting so Archwing goes faster.

2. Activate Volt’s Speed ability and immediately hotkey into Archwing and activate boosters (2 + Hotkey + Space)

3. Head to the northwest cave closest to Fortuna (see the map below)

4. If you’re using Itzel, you can blink a few times to get there faster

5. Get off Archwing as you head into cave and make sure to slide so you don’t get fall animation

6. Immediately head right as there is a wall in front of you and the cave won’t render enough yet for you to see anything

7. Head left once past wall so you can fall down the pit (run off the ledge, do not jump)

8. If your Volt has high strength, you’re going to want to STOP pressing W / moving forward as the momentum alone is enough

9. If your Volt has high strength, turn off Sprint while in the air so it will be easier to control your movement once you hit ground

10. Ideally you want to slide and bounce off the pillar which will head you in direction of the Toroid cubby spawn area

11. Slide into small area where Toroids spawn (you can use a “butt scoot” which is what we do in the video)

If You Don’t Find a Toroid

1. Hit Escape –> Abort Mission –> Fortuna

2. Spam “Space” key as loading screen finishes

3. After you skip past cutscene, hit escape until main menu comes up

4. Fast Travel –> Eudico –> Escape out of conversation

5. Start sprinting and head back onto Orb Vallis and repeat from above

If You Find a Toroid

1. Slide back out of Toroid spawn area

2. Refresh Speed ability and start sprinting again

3. Follow path to right of Toroid spawn area until you exit cave

4. Jump up once outside and hotkey into Archwing

5. Turn left and move towards Fortuna entrance as quickly as possible

6. Mission success! Enjoy your new Toroid and head back onto Vallis to repeat process again from top

Note: You MUST return to Fortuna if you find a Toroid otherwise you will LOSE the Toroid.


It takes practice to get fast at this method. At first, you’ll find yourself having to mark the map to even find the cave and you should consider trying a few runs without Volt’s speed just so you get acclimated with where everything is. This method is still extremely fast even if you don’t use Volt + Itzel, so don’t fret if you don’t have them.

With this method, we are able to check the same cave over 60 times an hour and we average over 10 finds per hour (10+ Toroids without booster, 20+ with booster). We have not tested this with a drop chance booster active so we don’t know at this time if drop chance boosters affect Toroid spawn rates in caves.

It’s worth noting that you can easily farm Toroids by hopping from cave to cave. We’ve found that searching a single cave repeatedly is faster than longer trips out on the Orb Vallis, but feel free to go with whatever you feel more comfortable with. The map provided below shows the 9-Cave path we recommend if you prefer doing multiple caves in a single run.


Orb Vallis Toroid Map

How to Farm Toroids by Killing Enemies

Sola Toroid drop – fairly large item drop and provides notification like Argon Crystals.

Farming Toroids by killing enemies can be faster than cave running, but it’s also less consistent in our experience. However, if you’re not afraid of a bit of grind, then we’ll at least share our tips for how to obtain these elusive resources via enemies. Toroids are rare drops from any enemy at certain locations on the Orb Vallis, notably:

  • Vega Toroid drops from enemies near or inside Spaceport
  • Sola Toroid drops from enemies near or inside Temple of Profit
  • Calda Toroid drops from enemies near or inside Enrichment Lab

These areas are marked green on the map, although it’s worth noting that it is possible to get toroids even in areas that aren’t green in our experience as long as you’re closeby. For instance, you can get Calda toroids from enemies in front of the Enrichment Lab (as opposed to inside). However, you should probably stick to the green zones or extremely closeby until there is more clarity on exactly where toroids are able to drop.

It’s HIGHLY advisable to have both a resource and resource drop chance booster active along with a Smeeta Kavat. You can skip the drop chance booster if you’re farming with another player who has one active. Consider bringing along Nekros and a slash weapon with the Despoil augment so you can desecrate as many enemies as possible. We also recommend going with a team with a Pilfering Hydroid even if you have to use recruiting chat as you’ll get more loot and be able to kill more enemies overall.

Once you’re out on the Orb Vallis, head to one of the areas listed above (Spaceport, Temple of Profit or Enrichment Lab). Ensure your Desecrate is active if you’re using Nekros and start killing enemies. Your goal is to reach the highest level of alert (4 stars) as soon as possible. Corpus alert increases as you engage in combat and leave reinforcement beacons alone, so make sure you DON’T destroy reinforcement beacons. In our testing, teams tend to increase alert faster than solo play does.

Do not destroy the reinforcement beacons as they raise the Corpus enemy alert (upper-left).

At the highest alert (4 stars), enemies will begin to spawn more frequently and their levels will increase the longer you’re at 4 stars. It can become difficult to survive once enemies reach level 70, so keep in mind you can always disengage (e.g: move to another one of the locations) to slowly reduce the alert level. Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that there are instances where spawns are slow even at maximum alert and sometimes the only fix is to either leave the Vallis and come back or reset the alert by moving to another location.

We hope this guide helped you farm this pesky resource so you can max out your Vox Solaris standing and build Garuda. If you have any questions or suggestions for players on how to farm Toroids, please leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Honestly. spamming Phase 2 Bounty for Profit Taker has a chance at 3 Calda Toroids, and without even speed gear, I can complete that mission solo in roughly 60 seconds. Also, Narmer Isoplasts (a reward for Narmer Bounties, available in Cetus and Fortuna) offer twice as much standing than the non-Orb drop toroids (Crisma, worth 6k, and Lazulite toroids, worth 12k, are still pretty useful). Narmer Isoplasts are also much easier to get and the Narmer Bounties farm Ostron and Solaris United standing (depending on where the bounty is from). In general, for standing, Lazulite toroids are the best for standing because Exploiter is super easy as long as you have Diluted Thermia (need 1 Diluted Thermia to “call” the Exploiter Orb in the first phase of the fight, only the player that uses the machine will lose a Diluted Thermia, so you can bum a free run off people). In the event that Exploiter Orb is not an option for whatever reason, Narmer Isoplasts are a good second choice, where you can gain 18 isos on a perfect run (all bounty stages rewarding 3 isos, which is nearly an impossibility) but in general you can nab about 3-7 per run. For those that haven’t completed New War or the Narmer Bounties are just being fidgety (which is pretty common) and for whatever reason you can’t run Exploiter Orb, running Phase 2 Profit Taker Bounty is fairly easy (the hardest part is listening to the dialogue take so long and dealing with two Ambulas robots on the final leg of the bounty). If you need specific toroids, then you can either run Phase 1, 2, or 3 for Profit Taker, which each have a 12.5% chance of offering 3 toroids (Vega, Calda, or Sola respectively) or go to the respective Corpus camps with a loot frame (Khora, Hydroid, Nekros, Atlas, etc.). Personally, I think both those options suck because they both take forever to get a decent amount of toroids, so I hold on to my Vega, Calda, and Sola toroids and just stick with my Lazulite toroids and Narmer Isoplasts, which are much easier and faster and drop more often. Also I’m pretty sure this site is dead, since the most recent article on here is about farming Equinox and Mesa Prime relics released back in 2019.

  2. Strat is outdated, why not update it?

  3. dumb strat. just go tot he 3 main sites.

  4. dumb strat.
    just go to the 3 main sites, ignore all caves.

  5. this is a dumb strat.
    just go to the 3 main sites, ignore all caves.

  6. Thank you so much <3
    Pretty much based on RNG but works like a charm !

  7. The drop rate for vegas is outrageous. I’ve spent the past two days trying to farm caves and the spaceport and I’ve gotten a single drop.

  8. E

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  9. Well I’m not gonna claim to know the overall odds but after finding a handful of Toroids in a cave well before I was ready to take on the Heists I’ve been hunting for Info on how to find more. So far I’ve found 2 ‘full sets’ of Calda, Vega and Sola in the Cave just to the NW of the Orokin Dig Site, the southern most of the 3 cave chain. Having just found the 2nd set I’m gonna try checking other caves to see if I can find others or if ‘No Longer Viable’ is telling the truth or not.

  10. This method is no longer viable, as Toroid spawning was altered in the Proft-Taker patch. Toroids will spawn in 1 cave per session, so the odds of finding them are astronomical.

    1. This is correct

  11. ivara’s prowl outfitted with stats for stealing speed and range, and efficiency for stealth, do profit-taker mission 2 up till the end, but don’t hand in the datamass, instead just hang around outside enrichment labs where you kill the 2 quest ambulas. unlimited enemies will keep spawning, steal+kill them. drop rate is pretty good. i got 54 toroids in an hour, with a resource booster.

    1. This is the best method.

    2. This was a pretty good strategy, but since Narmer Bounties came out, you can generally finish the bounties in 10 minutes (that’s honestly a pretty slow run) and get anywhere from 3-7 Narmer Isoplasts on average (6-14k standing) which translates to 30-70k per hour (again, those bounties usually finish faster and can reward more isos so 70k/hour is not a hard upper limit), and doesn’t require a specific frame, doesn’t involve spending a lot of time farming enemies in one spot to the point of sheer boredom, and does allow for other game objectives to be completed (farming Ostron/Solaris United standing, fishing, mining, leveling gear, etc.), then I would say Narmer Bounties is generally a better strategy. Also, I thinking completing multiple game objectives at once is the best way to play Warframe, since the game just has way too many different farms to deal with.

  12. it still works did it for 5 runs in cave method then got toroids..

  13. What’s going on lately? Is everything nerfed or just an RNG drama?

  14. Got 3 on the 2nd try for 1 cave method

  15. Tried out the Cave method several times for several hours. Didnt worked for me never has been.
    Thanks for wasting my time.

    1. you wasted your own time, quit whining like a bitch and take responsibility.

      1. Lol. maybe if someone didn’t post such a shit / rng based method. They wouldn’t be complaining as much. Maybe quit posting like a little bitch and go back to buying platinum like the rest of the no skilled people and buy frames like you’re known to do.

      2. Listen to your mom

      3. Take responsibility for a game-play flaw he had no part in developing? You little snowflakes are just so gullible. go buy your frames because you ain’t skilled enough to earn them

        1. Guys calm tf down

    2. “thanks for wasting my time” you’re a little shit, aren’t you?

  16. Looks like the toróids were nerfed

    1. Yes, drop rate seems to be zero now in these places. Farmed for 2.5h and no Solo toroid drop. Maybe they changed the mechanics.

  17. hate this.

  18. nope, 3 hours no vega torids from spaceport and zero torids at all from caves, gg DE

    1. There is another way to get easy 5 or more Vega Toroids, the little Raknoids, the green ones that appears at caves and sometimes outside in Vallis, have a rate of dropping them, if you want to find a vast amount of them, head to East where is a cave with a panel, (For those who know, the Old Fortuna) and trigger the mission for killing the Exploiter Orb, a huge amount of those raknoids appear there, there is no need in killing her already, if you can good, she gives Hyldrin’s parts, Ephimerals and a Toroid Lazulite (12k of Vox Solaris Rep.)
      So, Good Hunting!

  19. 20 runs no booster not a single one. Such a waste.

  20. ok, sorry but you all wrong, the best way is wait until the event of exploiter come again and buy a 2x loot and just kill some mobs and tah dah, 50 toroids in just a few minutes

    1. and if you want can go in caves, it gives 4 toroids per find too

  21. worse than cetus wisp

  22. for 1 cave method, if you don’t find the toroid, cant you just abort to orbiter and go to node orb vallis? wouldn’t it be faster than going to fortuna?

  23. I know this is an old thread but I have been looking for torids in 22 caves and at spaceport and the labs.Been at it for hours and hours .Not found a single one !!!!!!!

    1. It never really worked, Just go with a team to the spawn locations with nekros is your friend and you may want a trinity to keep everyone alive and energised 😉 else you can use an Oberon some people take a mesa because of her dps but but in truth I have found her too squishy unless you have a good squad

    2. ran all caves that are marked to have change for toroid, 1-2 my ass, zero toroids

  24. The best way to farm Calda Toroids so far is doing the second phase of profit taker.
    Use Octavia with a good Duration & range. Use Smeeta Kavat.
    Kill the 3 guys, run down the ambulas.
    Now… the drop ships will start dropping soldiers. none stop.
    You don’t want to have any alert stars for this will only help to spawn the spiders. that’s no bueno.
    All you have to do is keep ur self invisible, throw the mallet & amp. Let them die. Trust me.. they will drop the toroids. no need of the 4 star crap.
    Just wait for the Cat to give you the affinity charm.. And collect. yes.. if you have the booster.. is the place to use them.

  25. Toroid farming makes me want to delete my MR22 account.

    1. ssaaaaame

  26. Cave strat is fubar due to possibility of no toroids spawning in any cave in a particular session. Otherwise, game seems to choose 1-2 caves to put all 3 toroids in.. bad when it’s 1-2 out of 21.

  27. Ah good guide , thank you.
    But seriously, you over estimate most peoples gaming rigs, 60 in an hour, not when it takes 3-4 minutes to travel in the lift at the start AND end of each run.

  28. Im doing the around the world tactic and iz works really good. Yeah you are longer outside but you have much mor chance to get a toroid. You dont know what the “Around the World tactic” is? Its basically that you go through EVERY cave where ther can spawn a toroid. Got them really fast like that. (Use archwing)

  29. The Ivara strat actually works, when you short of energy, go to a just hide behind or inside a room to restore energy

  30. The 1-cave trick does work, but it may vary alot … Alot as in a very wide margain of luck …

  31. Bullshit

  32. hi i wanted to know if still working, cuz i made some runs and didn`t get some picks

  33. does the 1 cave method still work? having no luck with this at all 🙁

    1. It still works – just tested to make sure. Went dry for about 20 minutes, then found 3 in 4 minutes. There’s a lot of variance. Think the longest I’ve gone dry is about 45 minutes, but then there are spouts of luck.

  34. Ivara’s Prowl can drop these Toroids. Going solo, Energy Siphon + Coaction Drift mod with Max efficiency, lure enemy to set reinforcement beacons, then stay in area. i got 4 Toroids from doing this method in under a 30 mins. make sure, you doing it on the outside of the base, not inside. Because of nullifier enemy will spawn, making prowl useless.

  35. Nekros doesn’t effect toroid drops, but hydroid does

  36. Can confirm, toroids still spawning there. Still farmable. Getting one per 5-6 runs

  37. Got 4 for kids in 8 minutes with a booster !!!

  38. annoying, not getting any toroids after 2 hours of going to the same god damn spot

    1. New drop rate is pretty great tho

    2. they put a cephalon fragment there, probably no longer spawns toroids.

      1. It still spawns Toroids, just checked.

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