Equinox Prime – Best Relic Farming Locations

Equinox Prime, Bringer of Balance

Equinox Prime Access is finally here! Step aside Thanos, a new balance harbinger is here. Equinox is one of the best “nuke” Warframes in the game, easily allowing you to take down swarms of enemies in seconds. In low levels, high strength Maim builds can clear an exterminate mission in under 1m30s. In high levels, Maim requires a little more work but can still clear entire rooms as quickly as Saryn.

Equinox also has excellent CC and team buffing abilities that allow you to play in a variety of styles. If you’re looking to hunt down this legendary Warframe along with the Stradavar Prime and Tipedo Prime, look no further. We have provided tables below that show which relics you need and the best places to farm them. You can uncheck the “Best Methods” box for any of the tables below to see more methods if you don’t like (or can’t do) the ones shown by default.

Equinox Prime

Equinox Prime – Relics Locations & Farming

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Best Methods
RelicEquinoxMissionRotationChanceTime per Run (mins)Relics per Hour
Meso E2SystemsCetus 20 – 40 BountyC54.59%103.28
Meso E2SystemsOrb Vallis 20 – 40 BountyC71.88%104.31
Meso E2SystemsVoid – Ukko6.67%22.00
Meso E2SystemsVoid – Oxomoco6.67%31.33
Meso E2SystemsSaturn – HeleneA12.50%
Lith M4ChassisVoid – Hepit33.34%210.00
Lith M4ChassisVoid – Teshub33.34%2.58.00
Lith M4ChassisCetus 10 – 30 BountyA33.73%72.89
Lith M4ChassisOrb Vallis 10 – 30 BountyA40.74%73.49
Meso M3 (Radiant)NeuroProfit Taker BountyPhase 212.50%2.253.33
Meso M3NeuroCetus 20 – 40 BountyA50.32%103.02
Meso M3NeuroOrb Vallis 20 – 40 BountyA71.88%104.31
Meso M3NeuroVoid – Ukko6.67%22.00
Meso M3NeuroVoid – Oxomoco6.67%31.33
Meso M3NeuroSaturn – HeleneA12.50%
Axi K5BPEris – XiniB + C26.54%
Axi K5BPPluto – HieraconC11.06%
Axi K5BPCetus 40 – 60 BountyB79.60%153.18
Axi K5BPOrb Vallis 40 – 60 BountyB77.90%
Axi K5BPSedna – HydronB + C16.99%


Stradavar Prime – Relics Locations & Farming

Table Options

Best Methods
RelicStradavarMissionRotationChanceTime per Run (mins)Relics per Hour
Neo S11 (Radiant)BPProfit Taker BountyPhase 312.50%61.25
Neo S11BPCetus 30 – 50 BountyA61.69%152.47
Neo S11BPOrb Vallis 30 – 50 BountyA73.23%152.93
Neo S11BPVoid – Ukko5.88%21.76
Neo S11BPVoid – Oxomoco5.88%31.18
Neo S11BPSedna – HydronA11.11%51.33
Meso Z3 (Radiant)ReceiverProfit Taker BountyPhase 315.00%101.50
Meso Z3ReceiverCetus 20 – 40 BountyB52.48%103.15
Meso Z3ReceiverOrb Vallis 20 – 40 BountyB71.88%104.31
Meso Z3ReceiverVoid – Ukko6.67%22.00
Meso Z3ReceiverVoid – Oxomoco6.67%31.33
Meso Z3ReceiverSaturn – HeleneA12.50%
Lith M4BarrelVoid – Hepit33.34%210.00
Lith M4BarrelVoid – Teshub33.34%2.58.00
Lith M4BarrelCetus 10 – 30 BountyA33.73%72.89
Lith M4BarrelOrb Vallis 10 – 30 BountyA40.74%73.49
Axi T2 (Radiant)StockProfit Taker BountyPhase 414.29%
Axi T2StockEris – XiniB + C26.54%
Axi T2StockPluto – HieraconC11.06%
Axi T2StockCetus 40 – 60 BountyA or C79.60%
Axi T2StockOrb Vallis 40 – 60 BountyA or C77.90%
Axi T2StockSedna – HydronB + C16.99%


Tipedo Prime – Relics Locations & Farming

Table Options

Best Methods
RelicTipedoMissionRotationChanceTime per Run (mins)Relics per Hour
Axi T2 (Radiant)HandleProfit Taker BountyPhase 414.29%
Axi T2HandleEris – XiniB + C26.54%
Axi T2HandlePluto – HieraconC11.06%
Axi T2HandleCetus 40 – 60 BountyA or C79.60%
Axi T2HandleOrb Vallis 40 – 60 BountyA or C77.90%
Axi T2HandleSedna – HydronB + C16.99%
Neo N10 (Radiant)OrnamentProfit Taker BountyPhase 417.14%61.71
Neo N10OrnamentCetus 30 – 50 BountyB61.69%152.47
Neo N10OrnamentOrb Vallis 30 – 50 BountyB73.23%152.93
Neo N10OrnamentVoid – Ukko5.88%21.76
Neo N10OrnamentVoid – Oxomoco5.88%31.18
Neo N10OrnamentSedna – HydronA11.11%51.33
Lith P2BPCetus 10 – 30 BountyC33.73%72.89
Lith P2BPOrb Vallis 10 – 30 BountyC40.74%73.49

Our Favorite Farming Spots

In the past, Tier 1 (Hepit) and Tier 3 (Ukko) Void Capture missions were the best methods for farming Lith, Meso and Neo relics while Hieracon and Xini were the best methods of farming Axi Relics. However, Bounties have been drastically improved to provide Relics at an exceptionally high rate due to having a drop chance on each stage after Stage 1. Due to the nature of bounties, it is difficult to provide an accurate time estimate on the tables above but we are confident bounties are the best method for obtaining most Prime Access relics. It’s worth noting that for Lith M4 specifically, Void Capture (Hepit node) is still the best method.

Bounties have different rotations that are cycled through over the course of a day. Certain rotations provide certain relics (you can see which in the table above) so make sure to keep that in mind before you start farming bounties. If a particular relic you are looking for is not currently in rotation, we recommend checking out some of the other conventional methods provided on the table (e.g: Void Capture missions). For Axi relics, we recommend simply waiting for the relevant Bounty to become available because they are significantly faster than alternative farming methods.

Also new for this Prime Access is the Profit Taker bounties, which provide you a method of obtaining Radiant relics aside from Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. Since Profit Taker bounties also offer some other lucrative rewards, they are worth considering as they are relatively quick (especially Phase 2) and Radiant relics help improve the drop rate of uncommon and rare prime parts.

If you are in no rush to farm Relics, you can obtain Meso and Neo relics through Helene and Hydron respectively. These are popular areas to level gear so if you are looking to increase your Mastery or Forma some gear, consider these Defense missions so you can also get relics at the same time. We hope this quick guide and tables helped you with farming Equinox Prime. Good luck with those relics!

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