What is the Purpose of this Website?

Frame Mastery is a fansite dedicated to Digital Extreme’s Warframe. We aim to have this website ultimately serve as a information hub for Warframe players. Our primary focus is on providing high quality guides along with tools to improve your overall Warframe experience. The website is still in early construction, so don’t be surprised to see large batches of content come at a time as we add new features.

Currently we are working on a few key sections for the website, namely:

– Platinum farming table which is sortable by requirements, Platinum per hour and has detailed guides for each method 

– Resource farming webpage which displays all resources and the easiest methods for farming each 

– Basic tools such as Cetus and Earth time, current alerts, estimated time til next Nitain Alert and more 

– Warframe build page that allows you to look at different builds for various Warframes with in-depth guides for each build 

– Warframe and Weapon tier list 

We have other ideas as well, but this is just a taste of the content we are working on. This will take time (likely months), but rest assured that progress is being made each day to achieve these features. We hope you enjoy and find use in our site as we continue to build it!

Who Are We?

Despite our insistence to use plural pronouns, we’re actually only one person… for now. I am a hardcore gamer who has played both MMOs and shooters my entire life. Most content for games has shifted over to YouTube, Twitch and large gaming sites. Unfortunately, videos can be a little difficult to skim quickly and large video game sites often don’t have the time, resources or desire to produce in-depth content for specific games.

As such, I’ve decided to make this site as I saw how difficult Warframe was to get into and how often I had to look up information online to figure something out. The wiki is an excellent resource, but due to the nature of how wikis work, it is mostly there for informational purposes. It’s hard to have an “opinion” on a wiki since it is edited by many people. This site is full of my “opinions” on builds, methods and approaches on various missions in Warframe. While this makes the site more subjective than objective, it provides people with concrete answers to their questions rather than having even more confusing options. Now enjoy your stay and bookmark us before we send an unhappy Rhino your way.

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